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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

An evening at the extended living room-Chai Patty

Sprightly as it could be… Chai patty is one of those “Must visit” places in the city. Its one of those places you could drop by when you feel your home is far away and the traffic wouldn’t be too nice to you till you get home after a busy day at work. You could actually sit here just as you would when you get home. A dim lit, fairly large living room with all kinds of pictures and posters that remind you of your college days,  a neat stack of books and a classic Sonos music system playing Coke studio tracks that soothes you down. All this for an absolutely brilliant cup of tea or I must rather call it “Kullad wali chai”  and finger licking, lip smacking Pakodas – Onion and Bread pakodas are classic orders!
Rest your back on the glass walls of the ‘Body and spa’ – whose porch graciously houses “Chai Patty” and you might as well catch a glimpse of those rare Harley Davidson or some freaking expensive ( God knows which brand , I have no clue) bikes zooming past…BMWs being a common sight to the Indira Nagar visitors. To add to all of that, the Bangalore evening rains are visual delight always you know! And as you watch the city drench itself and cause road trouble, sit back and thank yourself for walking in for a break rather than honking the hell out of the lousy drivers ahead of you!  
For all the women readers, there are some really exciting men to cite too.*Winks*
So if you want to chill out, without burning your pocket, without having to behave yourself, enjoying some good music, step right in! After all, hard days at work, fights with cranky people on earth and dealing with people with pathetic road sense isn't too rare an occurrence ! And thats when you need the universal healer- Chai, pakode aur baarish!
FYI the owner is pretty interesting too- His name is .. Well go ahead and strike a conversation to know that – he is fun to talk to!

PS: Another interesting thing is you d love it even if you go alone! Serves as a good back-drop for introspection too.Thanks Eshmeet for introducing this place to me :-)


  1. Swati i am quite grateful for a well written, sweet description of my humble effort- Chaipatty Teafe. Thanks to the little observations that you made which elude the eyes of many like the co-audience, Sufi music etc i am sure we get many more likes after this post. Looking forward to a Chai with you the next time that you are around :)


    1. Sorry for spoiling the suspense around me & my name. Had another lady admirer mention it to me :P

  2. :) :) :) :) :) :) niiiiiiiice :) :)

  3. Chirag- Its delighting to hear from you. WOnder how you spotted this blog. Its always a pleasure to come there. A chai is due :-)*Hope you remember that you will fund it if I were to write! *

  4. Its surely is an awesome place to visit especially when you have awesome company to hang out wid....Swati u shud have mentioned about the super awesome Maggi too...kulhad waali chai and garma garam Maggi...awesome songs...cool crowd ...aur kya chahiye ;)

    Eshmeet yes u r ryt dis is one of d best place to have Maggi n chai :P

  5. Took it off the FB page. Sorry if it led to an invasion onthe blog. But thanks for the blog writeup :)

    1. Anytime :-) I write what deserves a mention. *Source of truth* you see..:-P Mr. Chai patty.